I really like working with Dr. Karen. She’s warm, kind and friendly. She takes the time to listen to my concerns, and she’s very knowledgeable. I would feel very comfortable and confident in her ability to treat everyone in my family. I highly recommend her!

– Bekki F


Karen treated me when I was suffering from terrible shingles and digestive issues. She helped me through the healing process and was there to answer my many questions and concerns along the way. She recommended some important diet changes and supplements and now I am completely well! I still see her for health maintenance to make sure I don’t let my immune system get down like that again. She is very caring and she truly wants to help people achieve health. I would recommend her to anyone. You won’t be disappointed!

– Sharon W


I struggled for years with hormonal issues that I could not resolve. They were literally taking over my life, due to the severity of the problems. I consulted with Karen, and after careful questions and deliberation, she suggested a few natural, gentle treatments. The results were immediate! My body is feeling better, regulating itself, and I have been able to enter back into my normal routine and activities. My favorite thing about dealing with Karen is that she knows her stuff and has an immediate suggestion; but she doesn’t stop thinking about you and your problem after her initial consult. She continues to monitor your situation, to make other suggestions, and to follow up with you. She is always one step ahead and willing to make adjustments, if necessary. Karen is extremely professional, courteous and kind. I know you will appreciate her excellent medical care.

 – Alesha C


Dr. Karen is fabulous and I would recommend her highly to all. No complaints at all… none! Very wise and also a terrific bedside manner, even when clipping a hair sample for an analysis!! What a blessing to have found her:)

 – Jana M


Ms. Karen, I just wanted to give you an update and say how incredibly thankful I am for your valuable advice you gave me. I have had two cycles now and absolutely NO cramps. Just that alone has made me feel like a new woman! I am beyond thrilled with the positive results due to following your suggestions! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (as well as my husbands) for being so gracious with sharing your knowledge with me. I am crying as I type this because the relief of being on my period and not feel like a ticking time bomb is an immense relief. THANK YOU!!!!!

 With a Grateful Heart, – J


I was very impressed with Dr. Karen Cross. I will be recommending her to my family and friends!

 – Erin


I’m very excited about the healthcare options available to my family through working with Karen. I found her kind, sincere, knowledgeable and respectful of my choices as a patient (much appreciated).

– Natalie


Home visits on time are a wonderful thing. It was nice not to feel rushed, feel dictated to, or feel practiced on.

– Jeff


I was really impressed. She knew what she was talking about. She had given me things to help me to get on track during her visit. I wanted to fix the root of the problem the most natural way and she understood that.

– Barbara


Karen brings a wonderful background of experience into her practice. She listens, clarifies and responds in a caring, professional manner. I have the up-most confidence in her diagnosis and treatment plan. I felt better in 1 week – nice surprise!

– Tanja


Dr. Karen has compassion and concern for her patients. She is very professional in her approach with a warmth of care for the people she’s working with. It’s a blessing to find someone who is genuine!

– Tiffany


Dr. Cross is a very positive individual with an intuitive sense about her. She is calming, focused and attentive.

– Redgie


Dr. Cross gives you her full focus and attention during the appointment. She takes time to try and determine the cause of your medical concern so that she can prescribe the proper treatment which will lead to a true cure verses just covering the symptoms.

– Sahar


Professional and caring. I recommend Dr. Karen to everyone!

– Kasia


Dr. Karen takes the time to find out what is really going on with your health issues. She doesn’t just treat the symptom, but goes right to the root of the problem(s) with natural remedies that really work!

– Don